About Us

Welcome to SATsnaps.com–a free source of quick and easy-to-understand updates on government space development programs. Why should you care about government space projects?

  • Government satellites consume tens of billions of taxpayers dollars a year.
  • The satellites built with taxpayer dollars play a vital role in national security, science, the economy, and your every day life.
  • Government satellites are also increasingly vulnerable to threats, such as cyber attacks.
  • And sometimes, taxpayer dollars are wasted with poor business practices.

This site will track what is happening with the programs as well as with the government’s effort to adopt new and better ways of doing business. It will also point you to the many sources of additional free, awesome data out there!

This site is written and produced by space analyst Cristina T. Chaplain. Cristina directed congressional oversight reviews of Defense and civil space programs and related topics for over 15 years. She testified multiple times on the James Webb Telescope, NASA’s human spaceflight programs, NASA’s management of large programs, GPS satellites, space leadership, military space program challenges, missile defense, among other topics. She led work on cross cutting issues such as cyber protection for weapons systems, acquisition of services, program terminations, and program managers. She was a journalist before working at the GAO. She retired from the GAO in 2020 and currently is an independent consultant/advisor/writer.

New: Assessments of other government high tech programs, previously posted at https://acquinsight.com, will now be posted at here satsnaps.

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